This article was re-published from Ricochet by UpsideDownWorld. You can see the original here. Header image:(L-R): Amalia Cac Tiul, Elena Choc Quib, Carmelina Caal Ical, and Angelica Choc outside TD Tower, Toronto, Nov. 8, 2017. Source: Heather Gies Elena Choc Quib, a unilingual Q’eqchi’ speaker from a remote village in rural Guatemala, never imagined travelling outside her country, let alone boarding...
PBI sends teams of international volunteers to areas of conflict at the request of local human rights defenders who are threatened because of their legitimate, nonviolent, human rights activities.
A photo essay: women denounce violence and demand a real commitment to women's rights.
Support for rural and indigenous women in Latin America affected by mining
Pretty Faces, Grisly Interests This article was published on the website of Canadian progressive magazine Briarpatch. LAB has added titles and images. Main image: Banner at peaceful protest near Escobal mine. Guatemala’s Constitution states that resistance is legitimate when done to protect and defend human rights. Photo: Sandra Cuffe/MiningWatch Canada Though Mexico was a punching bag throughout Donald Trump’s successful campaign...
This article was first published by UpsideDownWorld. You can see the original here. Header image: Families in Chab’il Ch’och’ look out over their burning homes during a forced eviction. Photo taken by a community member during the eviction. The war on Indigenous communities in Guatemala didn’t end with the country’s 1996 Peace Accords. It continues today in the form of land...
This article was prepared for Christian Aid by Nathalie Mercier (Guatemala), Maria Useche (Colombia), Tania Grande (El Salvador) and Javier SanVicente (Honduras) Main image: migrant child detained at the US border. Source: Guardian podcast: 'What is happening to migrant children at the US border'
Supports the people of Guatemala and their struggle for changes after centuries of oppression, violence, racism and exploitation.
Latin Americans welcome decision by a growing number of London boroughs to recognise them as “an ethnic group”.
In November-December 2018 Christian Aid promoted a Month of Awareness of Gender Based Violence, working with its partners in the region, around the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women (25 November) and International Human Rights Day (10 December). The Latin American and Caribbean region has the highest rates of violence against women, girls and LGBTI population in...

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