Sunday, May 26, 2024

Human Rights

Peru: Castillo is gone, but can Boluarte survive?

President Castillo's doomed attempt to dissolve Congress led to his immediate impeachment and arrest. Vice President Dina Boluarte took over, but faces mass protests and a broadly hostile Congress. Can she survive?

Global day of action on abortion rights

In Latin America, the women’s movement began campaigning for reproductive rights in the 1980’s and September 28 was chosen as a day of action demanding access to free and safe abortions.

Brazil: Mariana disaster victims get their day in court

In April this year, a delegation of representatives from mining-affected communities in Minas Gerais, Brazil came to London, on a mission to raise awareness of abuses committed by transnational mining companies – including two with connections to the UK.

El Salvador: you couldn’t just sit there and watch

Cornelia Gräbner describes an extraordinary set of documents which capture the most intense and dangerous phase of repression in El Salvador, leading up to the 1992 Peace Accords.

Massacre at Trelew: 50 years on

50 years on from the Trelew massacre where Argentine naval officers killed captured guerrilla prisoners in cold blood, one of the officers is found guilty by a US civil court

Voz V | The Covid-19 Pandemic: Survival

The arrival of Covid-19 devastated Latin America. Across the region, there are calls to build a more just economy and society than the one that was left behind.

Brazil: orphan mothers

Anti-Black violence by the Police targets young men in Brazil's favelas and makes their mothers 'orphans'. Their trauma and spectacular resistance are highlighted in this new film, reviwed for LAB by Jessica Pandian

Chile: Latent Memory

Raul Sohr reviews Maxine Lowy's fascinating book about the experience and reactions of Chile's Jewish community to the Pinochet dictatorship.

Colombia: Indigenous Guard’s murder was premeditated

Following the murder of Colombian Indigenous leader Albeiro Camayo Güetio in January 2022 by FARC dissidents, independent digital media outlet 070 interview a human rights activist and a researcher at Conflict Responses Foundation to understand the crime and the government’s and FARC dissidents’ responsibility for it.

Colombia: London mural honours Lucas Villa

A mural by street artist Kapo in London’s Stockwell Hall of Fame was painted in honour of one of the many protestors killed in Colombia during the national strike of 2021.

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