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Colombia: what does peace mean in Comuna 13?

24 January. With the new year in Colombia came a new sentence from the Inter-American Court of Human Rights, holding the state responsible for...

Mega-events and prostitution

The main danger of violence to sex-workers during major sporting events is from the police, not the punters.

Brazil’s prison massacres – a bloody start to the year

Brazilians began the New Year in the most terrible way, with images of piles of headless, dismembered corpses, the result of a savage massacre...

Mexico: the politics of Memory

The disappearance of 43 student teachers at Ayotzinapa has brought the issue of 'memoria' to the fore. Relatives do not want monuments. "You took them away alive, we want them back alive", they say.

Violence in Rio escalates with murder of city councillor

Little did she know that she would be the next victim when Marielle Franco, a left-wing city councillor, penned her last twitter post, denouncing...

The four bullets that killed Marielle

22 March 2018. Marielle Franco was executed with four bullets. One each for racism, misogyny, homophobia and impunity. By killing Marielle, the assassins eliminated not...

Brazil – serious setback on children’s rights looms

The Brazilian Congress, now dominated by the right, may soon vote to lower the age of criminal responsibility from 18 to 16.

Brazil 1964: Never again!

March 31 marks the fiftieth anniversary of the military coup in Brazil, which ushered in the era of dictatorships in Latin America.

Brazil: indigenous lives matter

São Paulo, 15 March. Despairing of  finding justice in Brazil, cacique Ladio Veron of the Guarani Kaiowá indigenous people in Mato Grosso do Sul, ...

Brazil: Police beat, threaten and rape sex workers

When a prostitute in Brazil denounces police violence she is beaten up and threatened --by the police.

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