This new review of LAB's Voices of Latin America - social movements and the new activism appears in the April 2021 issue (Vol 85 No.2) of US journal Science and Society, and was reproduced on the website of Monthly Review Press, the US distributor of Voices. Main image: Honduran educator and activist Pavel Nuñez speaking at the Jan 2019 launch...
It’s the beginning of spring here in the UK and there are a number of interesting events to announce. But there’s plenty of news from the region, so do scroll down to find it. LAB Voices Webinar 2. Saturday 10 April 15:00 – 16:30. Book here. Our apologies: we wrongly stated in our 25 March newsletter that the Voices webinars are...
Tom Gatehouse, author of Voices of Latin America: Social Movements and the New Activism and the upcoming The Heart of Our Earth: Community Resistance to Mining in Latin America, will then present ‘Latin America at breaking point: a look back at two tumultuous years’
On International Women’s Day this past Monday 8 March, 2021, women and their allies throughout the region took to the streets to protest against discrimination, inequality and violence against women and girls. Here is how the day was celebrated across the region.
Vale mining is finally forced to pay compensation to Minas Gerais state, but the victims of the Brumadinho disaster are not consulted. In Chile, Antofagasta mining faces strike action. From LAB's London Mining Network blog.
Architect, urbanist and previous executive Director of Fundación Crecer in Guatemala City, Ninotchka Matute stresses the need to shift the urban imaginary in her native Guatemala City, by reframing derelict spaces as those of potential
News from LAB Bear with us: there’s lots happening. In fact LAB is bustling with new projects and ideas, with a panel of over 80 volunteers, translators and new authors writing articles and reviews for our website. Some of our news: Crowdfunding for our mining book The Heart of Our Earth exceeded its target and brought in £16,000. We hope that...
These independent Latin American film productions have been carefully selected by Gianna Giordani to showcase the continent's cinematic diversity and artistic mastery.
Feminist groups in Argentina and abroad greeted the New Year in celebration as the country’s National Congress voted in favour of the Voluntary Interruption of Pregnancy Bill, which will allow childbearing people in the country to access abortion for free in public hospitals up to 14 weeks pregnancy.
The list of foreign policy challenges facing President-elect Biden when he enters the Oval Office in January 2021 will be both manifold and complex. J.D.Fuller reports.

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