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Fate of The Cuban Five Lies With US Supreme Court

The US government is attempting to influence the Supreme Court’s decision next week about whether to review the sentences of five Cuban men imprisoned in the US since 1998 for ‘conspiracy’ to spy after a highly politicised trial in Mi

Celebration of Sexual Diversity in Havana

On Saturday 16 May, Mariela Castro, daughter of the Cuban President Raul Castro, led a celebration of gay rights and sexual diversity in the centre of Havana. Mariela is Director of the Cuban National Centre for Sex Education and a long-standing activi

New Literacy Program for Honduras

In December 2008, Bolivia was declared to be 'free from illiteracy' - the third country to do so in Latin American and the Caribbean after Cuba and Venezuela. Now Honduras is set to achieve the same landmark within the next ten months... This a

El Salvador Election Results

The news coverage calls it a turning point in the history of El Salvador.

Revised Forecasts for Future of Amazon

Leading scientists meeting in Copenhagen in mid-March have produced highly alarming forecasts about the future of the Amazon forest.

Climate Change Study on Patagonia

You've heard about rich people buying land in Patagonia, acquiring getaways in an expanse seemingly removed from the climate woes of the planet (well, aside from the ozone hole right over it).

Mudslides Wreck Argentinian Town

The recent rains in the north of Argentina caused mudslides that devastated the town of Tartagal. Indigenous activists have been mobilising to stop the deforestation responsible for the disaster (in Spanish)

Plan Colombia & FARC

This article gives you a really powerful idea of what it is like on the ground as the Colombian government pursues its offensive against coca-growing and the FARC guerrillas, which remain, as ever, intermingled.

Zibechi on New Latin American Governments

Raul Zibechi, a Uruguayan journalist and one of Latin Amerca's leading political analysts, looks at the relationship between the new progressive governments in Latin America and social movements.

Sunday Times & Survival International

The Sunday Times has an interesting article on Brazilian Indians today. The journalist Chrstina Lamb went back to the region visited by Norman Lewis 40 years ago.

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