Tuesday, December 12, 2017
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Culture, Music, Film, Photography

Director Lola Arias' new play puts on stage six veterans of the Malvinas conflict
Brutal repression and commercial bids to co-opt them have failed. The pixadores --the city's graphic rap-artists- fight to maintain their transgressive art of tagging walls and buildings.
An interview with Mauricio Rosencof, one of the founding members of the Uruguayan guerrilla group the Tupamaros, which first came to international attention in 1966.
An appeal by the main guerrilla group for intellectuals and artists to join in building the new Colombia
A rare insight into the social structure, class divisions and psychology of colonist communities


We bring Latin-American reflections on development to English-speaking audiences and serve as a platform for testing, circulating and debating new ideas and reflections.
The Pritzker award salutes practical architecture with a social purpose, local scale and from the South
Argentina changes government and Macri’s political past gives some indications of what the future might bring.
Urban street art is now an established feature of Argentina's capital, adding plenty of colour to many of the city's neighbourhoods . Russell White explores.
Extraordinary collection of Latin American photos by photographer Matthew Williams-Ellis on show in London

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