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Chile: A Cartoon History


by Chris Welch, Foreword by Richard Gott
This book is a valuable historical document, both for its content
and original mode of production. As a popular and accessible
history of Chile up to the military coup of 9/11 1973, it is a useful
part of the background to events in Latin America since then. In
addition the collective way the book was produced in the Chile
Solidarity Movement of the 1970’s offers an example to us today.

It has been reprinted by the Chile 40 Years On network in celebration
of the achievements of the Chilean people under Salvador
Allende, their courage in resisting the following Pinochet regime,
and in memory of the victims and disappeared who suffered in
the repression.
Richard Gott writes,
“As a correspondent for the Guardian newspaper, I was witness
to events both before and after September 11, 1973, and I saw
the excitement of the Chilean experiment with socialism as well
as the dark pain of the Pinochet years. These years are splendidly
caught in the witty drawings and text of Chris Welch and his
comrades in this cartoon History of Chile, first published in 1976.”

Format: 151 x 210 mm, 106pp, Paperback
ISBN: 978-0-9926273-0-0
Price: £8
UK distribution: Central Books, London
Tel: 0845 458 9911

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